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How To Recover Deleted Raw Photos And Graphic Design Files

How To Recover Deleted Raw Photos And Graphic Design Files

Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

We all love to take good photos for memories in the future. These photos can be for family, a trip, or even a birthday party. Accidentally, you format your storage device and lose all images or even graphic design files. Don’t fret. Here, we focus on how to recover deleted raw photos and graphic designs. It is so easy to retrieve these photos as you can either use photo recovery software or know the right place to look at the storage device.

Please note that if by any chance you lose your photos while maybe browsing them, do not continue using the device to ensure that your deleted photos and graphic design are safe. This is because when you continue using the memory card, this creates space on the storage device. This space is slowly filled with the new photos taken.

Similarly, if the photos were corrupted, your new images may be lost and the old ones already overwritten by the system.

To improve your chances of recovery, that you must always begin the process of recovery immediately. We will show you some great methods to recover deleted photos and design files.

Also, never panic whenever you hit the ‘delete’ button since these photos do not disappear from your device, such as an SD card, since only the ‘pointer’ is removed.

The majority of people store their data on SD Card (USB, flash Disk). The SD Cards are regularly used, especially on smartphones and mobile devices. They are always very convenient for storage but are subjected to data loss affected by small mistakes. Besides, there are rankings of the best photo recovery software. Follow the link to access the list.

#1: Recover Deleted Photos And Graphic Files Using Memory Card Recovery Software

Option 1: Recover Photos On PC

Please note that you can also use this method to recover photos from SD cards from android phones such as Samsung.

Various photo recovery apps have been developed to aid in the recovery of lost data from SD Card, and one such software is called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It deletes photos and those that are corrupted or have been attacked by a virus.

Step 1: Connect SD Card for scanning

The first step is to connect the SD card to the computer using a card reader. Once that is done, having downloaded EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you now launch it, select the SD Card, and tap on ‘scan’ to initiate the scanning process.

Step 2: Mark on the photos to be restored

Once the scanning is complete (you need to wait until the scanning is done), mark the photos you want to restore.

Step 3: Restore Photos

Now we will recover our lost photos and recover graphic design files, and that’s how simple it can be. To do this, click on ‘Recover’ and select another location to save your recovered photos.

 How To Recover Deleted Raw Photos And Graphic Design Files

Option 2: Recover Photos On Mac Systems

The above process is ideal for window systems, but you can also follow this process for the Mac system. We shall use Disk Drill by CleverFiles to illustrate this process:

Step 1: Download Disk Drill For Mac

First, download the disk Drill and install it. Ensure the application is meant for the Mac system.

Step 2: Insert the SD card using a card reader

Insert the SD Card, and once done, launch the program to start it.

Step 3: Choose The SD Card On The List Of Disks That Appear On The Program And Scan

The system will show SD Cards connected on the program, you are to choose the one you need to restore and scan it to get lost photos.

Step 4: Choose A New Location

Preview the photos to be restored, and once satisfied they are the photos you need to restore, select a new location. This new storage location should not be on the SD Card.

Step 5: Recover Photos

Click on the ‘recover’ so that the photos can be moved to the location already selected. Following these steps are that simple and will quickly help you restore your lost photos within no time.

#2: Recover Lost Photos And Graphic Design From A Hard Drive

Should you lose photos from your computer’s hard drive, how can you go about it? It is really simple, as you shall see.

Option 1: Restoring From Trash Bin

For both Mac operating system and Windows operating system, you can retrieve recently deleted photos by:

  1. Clicking on the icon of recycle bin
  2. Select the files you need to restore
  3. Tap on the ‘restore’ icon, and you shall recover the photos.

Option 2: Open “Hidden Files” Option

Sometimes photos are hidden and cannot be displayed. In such a situation, you need to make the hidden files visible. But how?

For the Windows operating system, follow these steps:

  1. Go to folder options
  2. On the option of advanced setting, tap on “show hidden files” to make them visible.

For Mac operating system, follow these steps:

Using the keystroke combination of Cmd+ shift+ will display the hidden folders.


It is effortless to restore lost photos and graphic design from SD Card and hard disk, as shown above. However, there are other methods also that one can use for the process of restoration.