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How To Redecorate Your House Successfully

How To Redecorate Your House Successfully

Redecorating your home is more than just a case of throwing some paint on the walls and changing the floor or the furniture. You need to think about the space available, the architectural features of your home, and what designs will offer both style and practicality. It’s the reason many people choose made in Italy furniture as it reflects the practicality and style of the Italians, which is known across the globe.

Know Your Tastes

Check out this impressive collection of made in Italy furniture, you are almost certain to see something you like. This will help you to appreciate the things you do like and the things you don’t. That’s your personal taste and your home needs to reflect these. As well as taking your personal tastes into consideration, you should look at the quality of the furniture. There are plenty of brands available to choose from, including the B&B Italia range, Flexform and Cattelan Italia. You will find contemporary made in Italy furniture that fits into any room in your home, from the kitchen to the living room, bedroom, and even the great outdoors. All you have to do is choose the items you like and consider how they will blend across your home.

Consider The Architecture

It is worth spending a few moments thinking about the architecture inside and outside your home. The colors and style of furniture you choose to use must blend with the style of the property. This is even more important when you are painting and furnishing outside. You may find it worthwhile to chat with the professionals regarding the architectural style and your best furnishing options.

 How To Redecorate Your House Successfully

Made In Italy

You’ve taken a look at the impressive Cavallini 1920 range and you will have appreciated the quality of the workmanship. That’s one of the biggest reasons to purchase genuine Italian furniture. You won’t find craftsmanship this good or durable anywhere else in the world. The fact that it can be delivered anywhere in the world is a bonus. But, choosing this range also gives you access to their consulting service. They can offer to consult on interior design, helping you to blend practicality, current trends, and durability. They can even offer a personal furniture shopper and will deliver and assemble your items for you. In short, they take all the effort out of redecorating your home and make it look fantastic.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Paint and furniture make a room practical and a delight to be in. However, you need to spare a few moments to get the lighting right. It will change depending on the room, bright lights are important in kitchens and bathrooms, while dimmer lights can be nice in bedrooms and living spaces.

But, it is not just the brightness of the light, the fixture also needs to reflect the style you’ve chosen for the room. That’s why it is best to choose the light after the room has been furnished, ensuring the light matches the furniture not the other way round.

Add The Artwork

The artwork should complement the made in Italy furniture and other features of the room. It should also reflect your personality, although the images don’t have to be personal in nature. Artwork, and mirrors, finish a space, creating the ambiance that complements your chosen furnishings and highlights them. That’s why you need to take your time choosing artwork, choosing poorly is one of the easiest ways to ruin your redecoration attempt.