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How to Reduce Glare at Home and Increase Comfort

Bright modern kitchen with skylight

No matter how beautiful your home is, without light, it just wouldn’t show. However, too much light can also be a bad thing. With this article, you can control how you can reduce glare and keep your home looking neat while at the same time, feel comfortable.

Gone are the days of bright, uncomfortable glares in your home. Whether from a sunny window or a harsh lightbulb, glare can be bothersome and even cause eye fatigue and headaches. 

Fortunately, there are various techniques to lessen glare at home so you and your family may feel more comfortable there. Here are six techniques to make your house more comfortable and less glaring:

Invest in Blinds and Shutters

Blinds and shutters are at the top of our list of essentials for glare reduction. A fantastic approach to regulating the quantity of light entering your house is through blinds. This may be very useful on bright afternoons when you want to allow in just the correct amount of sunshine without causing an irritating glare.

As they are available in various designs and colors, blinds are a preferred option for homes in the US, Australia, and other countries with extreme weather conditions. With the appropriate shades, you may adjust the amount of light management you want and, if necessary, completely block out the sun. 

For example, Newcastle Blinds and Shutters sell a gamut of glare-protection products made from different materials to accommodate various preferences.

Install Window Films

If you are looking for an affordable solution to reducing glare without permanently altering the look of your windows, window films are worth considering. Window films provide an extra layer of heat insulation which reduces glare and keeps your home more comfortable. You may choose the ideal window film to match the design of your house because they are available in various colors and styles.

Window films are also simple to put in and take out, so you can do it quickly and cleanly if you ever decide to change things up. There’s no need to worry about damaging your windows during installation, as window films are designed to be easy to apply and don’t require adhesive.

 Living room with blinds

Choose the Right Lightbulb

One of the most crucial things in decreasing glare in your house is selecting the proper type of lightbulb. You may still have a bright space without discomfort with the correct lightbulb because regular lights might be too harsh and produce an unpleasant glare. You may pick between warm white bulbs and soft white lights to acquire the ideal lighting level for your house.

You may also select LED lightbulbs, which use less energy than traditional bulbs and emit a softer light that is less likely to give you headaches or eye strain. Also, since LED bulbs last longer, you won’t need to worry about changing them as frequently while enjoying their dazzling illumination.

Invest in Mirrors

Mirrors are a fantastic additional tool for reducing glare in your house. In addition to reflecting light, they can increase a tiny space’s brightness and size. To reduce glare and improve comfort in your space, you may put mirrors in your house in a way that manages the light reflected off of them.

You may also employ mirrored furniture items like the side or coffee tables to add a distinctive touch to your house. Nevertheless, if you’d want to avoid glare, you may put a few mirrors on your walls to give the room a chic and contemporary appearance.

Use Sheers

Using sheer window coverings or curtains is another excellent approach to lessen glare in the home. Sheers are thin materials that offer privacy and glare reduction while allowing light to pass through. They come in a range of colors and designs, too. Also, they come in various lengths, making it simple to modify them to match the size of your windows.

They also don’t sacrifice comfort or design and are simple to clean and maintain, making them an excellent option for minimizing glare. Sheers assist in diffusing sunlight without entirely blocking it, allowing you to take advantage of natural lighting without dealing with glare. 

Sheers are a great alternative for lowering glare in your house because they are lightweight, don’t obstruct airflow, and make no noise.

Hang Curtains

Finally, you can reduce glare in your home by hanging curtains. Curtains not only look great and add style to any room, but they also help block out bright sunlight or artificial light that can cause discomfort. You can choose from various fabrics and colors to fit your desired level of light control while still keeping the space looking stylish.

You can also layer curtains to introduce more light into the room without creating a lot of glare. And because curtains come in various lengths, you can find the perfect size and style for any window or door in your home.

Final Thoughts

Reducing glare in your home is easy once you know some tricks. Various solutions can help you create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere without harsh or uncomfortable glares. So take some time to explore different options and find the best way to reduce glare in your home. With the right window films, lightbulbs, mirrors, sheers, and curtains, you can have a well-lit room without discomfort or strain on your eyes.