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How To Update Your House To Sell Without Doing Renovations

How To Update Your House To Sell Without Doing Renovations

A home renovation is costly and may not be worth it when you are trying to sell a home. Everybody’s tastes are different so your idea of beautiful may put some potential buyers off putting in an offer. There may not be a return on investment in other words. 

Instead of doing a renovation, you can look for ways to upgrade the house. Changing a few things will help you sell the house quickly as it means less to do for the new buyer which is always appreciated. They also understand the savings so will put in a reasonable offer. 

In this article, we will go over what some of those upgrades should be so you can get your house ready for sale. 

Update the HVAC

When a potential buyer sees the house, they will love seeing a new air conditioner or heating system in place. They will have one less thing to do when they move in and they know they will save money since a new HVAC system will be more efficient. 

Stinson Air conditioning can come in and do a whole house with quiet and efficient heating and cooling by using a central air system. A duct system will bring cool air to every room for the ideal temperature without noisy fans or inefficient window box air conditioners. 

Heating can also be done much more efficiently by using a heat pump instead of a traditional tank-style hot water heater. This system uses the heat in the air outside and compresses it to heat hot water for a hydronic heating system with radiators. Alternatively, you can use the same ducts for the air conditioner and have forced hot air that heats up a house evenly. 

 How To Update Your House To Sell Without Doing Renovations

Go with solar

A solar power system is a great way to update a house that will make it sell quickly. If you are also using a heat pump then it can essentially provide free heating and cooling which a new buyer will love to have.

New panels are much better at generating power even on cloudy days and the batteries have also advanced. You can power most modern appliances and fixtures with solar now due to the advances in technology. 

There are many incentives provided by the federal and state governments that make it very cost-effective to install so the ROI is very high when you are installing solar to sell the house. 

Water fixtures

Many old faucets and showers are using far too much water. With the cost of rising water prices for homeowners, it is purely a waste of money and resources to continue using them. When you update these fixtures, this will help you sell the house fast since a buyer understands that they will save money.

For instance, an old toilet can be replaced with one that uses far less water per flush and still is powerful enough to clear the pipes effectively. Showers and faucets with low-flow heads can reduce consumption by up to half.