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How to Use Glass in Modern Building and Design

Corporate buildings and residential homes come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and functions. These days, in modern cities the focus for visual materials has trended more to glass than bricks and concrete, and with good reason. Glass is a more sustainable resource, and they can help create more eco-friendly interiors.

There’s also the aesthetics of course. People are tired of older architecture that had a “brutalism” style that looked like giant concrete tombs. Glass is striking and has a much more modern look. It’s something that you should consider when you’re doing interior decorating. It can also assist in smart design, such as allowing a space to seem bigger than it actually is.

Use our informative facts and practical examples to use glass optimally from now on.

Why is Glass Your Ideal Option?

City buildings are the largest contributors to energy usage, amounting to about 40% of the total consumption in the US. It’s necessary to try and lower the overall carbon footprint by using glass, since it is more eco-friendly and sustainable compared to concrete, brick, and other similar materials.

Low emissivity, also known as low-e, glass is used to lower the infrared radiation emitted by buildings. And wherever it’s used, you have the following additional benefits:

  • It’s a good sound insulator to block traffic noise.
  • It’s weather resistant and less degradable than wood or steel, it’s a more sustainable option.
  • Sand, from which glass is made, is unlikely to ever become scarce.
  • You can recycle glass multiple times.
  • With less artificial light required in homes, it can have a positive impact on inhabitants’ mental health.
  • Thanks to innovation, you have many different types of glass for different uses, such as double-glazed glass for colder climes.
  • Did you know the indoor air quality is naturally better in glass buildings?

For these reasons, using home glass services as part of your construction, renovation AND decorating plans could be the key to creating the ideal home, office or commercial space.

Now the question is HOW will you use it?

 How to Use Glass in Modern Building and Design

Smart Ways to Use Glass in Your Next Construction or Renovation Project

Glass Divides and Tables

Whether you’re decorating at home or the office, make a space more practical while also preventing it from seeming cluttered: use transparent glass panels to divide sections of the room and find a glass table for small spaces such as your entrance hall.

Glass Shower Doors

Even in the bathroom you can improve aesthetics by installing a glass shower door. This is especially handy if you have striking tile work against the walls that you don’t want to block from view. 

Keeping Kitchens Functional AND Timeless

Glass can work in the kitchen as backsplashes, work surfaces and decoration. It’s ideal because it wipes clean easily, doesn’t stain and will handle high temperatures if you install the right type.

Color and Texture for Décor’s Sake

Talking about type, take your time and shop around for different hues and textures of glass. Imagine a glass table top with interesting details set into the glass, making for a striking piece of furniture.

Don’t Forget About a Mirror

If you shop glass, also shop mirrors! Hang them in such a way that they reflect light around the room and help you create a sense of space in a compact area.

Lights Above and Stairs Below

Smart innovation means you can have almost any home object in glass these days. Instead of wooden or cement steps, install glass staircases. And for lamp shades, what better option than a glass globe that will look stylish for years to come? 

In Conclusion

See? There’s no end to how glass can be used. And you can keep on introducing it to rooms in your building, without feeling guilty towards nature!