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Ideas for Decorating a New Home After Moving

Man hangs up picture frames

Blue Bird from Pexels

Owning a home is the best thing in the world, isn’t it? You don’t have to pay the rent every month and keep moving your stuff from one place to another occasionally.

However, after buying a house in NYC or another area through a reliable real estate agent, you may start worrying about how you can decorate your new home. You have to consider many factors and will have to start decorating from scratch. Furthermore, you will have to make your old furniture look good in your new home.  

To save you from all this trouble, we’ll share the best ideas in this article to help you beautifully decorate your new home after moving.

Decide on a Budget

Of course, you have just spent a fortune to buy a new home, and you will certainly be low on a budget to decorate your home from scratch.

Therefore, it’s essential that you first make a budget and include the cost of wallpapers, paint, new furniture, décor items, etc. Remember to prioritize decorating rooms of your new home that will be used the most, like the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. The other “unnecessary” rooms of your home can wait until you have enough savings.

For example, if you’re decorating your bedroom first, you should focus on the necessary furniture items like a bed and dresser. Don’t start searching for fancier items like paintings, as you can always add them to your room once your budget allows.

Go With a Fresh Coat of Paint

Before starting with a fresh coat of paint to immediately feel at home, you should clean your new home.

Get rid of dust and grime and make every inch sparkle. Doing so will also allow you to ponder what changes need to be made from the décor point of view.

Once you’re done cleaning, you should start painting your home. This is a great way to personalize your space as you like. However, make sure you use a light shade of paint in rooms with less exposure to natural sunlight.

Whereas rooms that get the most sunlight will do great with a darker shade of paint. However, leaving out the trims of the rooms white will give a stunning contrast look and make the essential features pop out.  

In addition, if you aren’t up for a completely bold room, you can always opt for an accent wall with bold wall paint, and the three other walls with a lighter shade will look appealing.

 Man paints a wall

Use Mirrors and Lights

Mirrors are ideal for helping make a smaller space look bigger, and they also help elevate the overall interior of your space. You can find plenty of budget-friendly and expensive mirrors on the market with beautiful designs.

You can pick the ones that match your taste and preference. Moreover, mirrors can help reflect light in your home and make your space look brighter.

In addition to mirrors, you can never go wrong with lights to accentuate dull or poorly-lit spaces. For instance, installing lights in the staircase or a dark room will instantly lift the look. Light décor pieces in different areas of your home are also great for decorating your new home.

Study Your Storage Space

As we just discussed, your focus should be on decorating the areas of your new home you will use most. The other rooms can wait to be decorated. This way, you will have enough storage space at the start.

However, once you start decorating the other rooms of your home, you may struggle with storage space. Therefore, now is when you should focus on the spaces offering extra storage space.

For instance, the indented wall of your living room can be used to create a slim bookshelf and neatly organize all your books. Likewise, the corners of bathrooms can use a wicker basket to store additional times. Empty walls can be used for floating shelves that give an aesthetically pleasing look and are super functional.  

Add Texture

Adding textures to your home will instantly give it a cozy or modern look. It’s for you to decide whether to go with a relaxed and cozy look or a modern and sleek look.

You can also do different looks for different rooms. For instance, a cozy look for your bedroom and a modern look for your dining room.

Rugs, carpets, coffee tables, cushions, wallpapers, and throw blankets are some of the items that help add texture to your space. Rough textures can make your space look more comfortable, and smoother surfaces give a contemporary look.

Visualize With Mood Boards

Last but not least, you may worry if the ideas in your head will actually look great in real. You can create mood boards for each part of your home to curb this feeling. Pinterest is a great platform for visualization and ideas for decorating a new home.

You can start with one furniture item, as it will help you set the foundation for your décor inspiration. For example, look for the bed style of your choice and add it to your mood board. The bed will give you a starting point to opt for other items that will complement it.

This way, decorating your new home after moving will make it quite easier for you and help you create a budget accordingly, so you can achieve the perfect look of your dream house.