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Ideas on How You Can Make Use of That Spare Room

Ideas on How You Can Make Use of That Spare Room

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Lots of us tend to go for a house with one extra bedroom, for guests, but how often does that really get used? Is there a better way you can make use of it when you do not have visitors over? Or maybe you have a spare reception room because you do not need a separate dining room? Well here are some ideas for how to can properly utilize that extra space instead of letting it go to waste.

Home gym

This does not have to be an all-out, luxury gym with top-of-the-range equipment, it can be something simple and understated. A simple weight bench and treadmill can help everyone in the family get a great workout at home without having to pay for a gym membership. Check out this range of bumper plates for a huge range of weights to fit any strength or fitness level. If you plan on using the room as a guest bedroom at some point, then it would be best to invest in equipment that can be easily moved or put away when needed.


There are a lot more of us working from home these days so maybe you and perhaps other members of your household need a place to work from. Working from the kitchen table might suit you temporarily or just for the odd occasion but for maximum productivity, it is best to dedicate a space in your house when you can retreat to for your workday and leave behind when you are finished. You can set up everything you need in your home office and leave it where it is, you do not have to put your laptop away every day or move between rooms.

 Ideas on How You Can Make Use of That Spare Room

Children’s playroom

To some people, it may seem a little excessive to allocate a playroom for your kids, but it is a great idea to keep playtime separate from bedtime and dinnertime and homework time. If your children have a room specifically where they can play with their toys and make a mess, then it helps keep the rest of your house clean and set clear boundaries for how they should treat shared spaces like a living room. Keeping playtime out of the bedroom can also help with sleeping patterns as their bedroom is then solely for sleep and you do not have to worry about them staying up late playing.

Studio/Reading Room

If you would like some space to yourself where you can get away and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, then turn that spare room into your sanctuary. This could be a studio where you let your creative juices flow or a reading room where you can catch up on your latest novel without any interruptions or distractions. Maybe you just need an area when you can get away from the kids and shut the world out. You could put a TV in here where you can decide what to watch at all times, no more fighting over the remote control or stuck watching cartoons every Saturday morning.