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Interior Design Tips That will Give your Home a Fresh Look

Interior Design Tips That will Give your Home a Fresh Look

 New year, new you! Or rather new year, new home. There is no better time to do a complete overhaul to your home other than in the first months of the year. There are people with a natural eye for excellent design. However, you shouldn’t feel left out if you can’t pull out a major design without consulting YouTube and Pinterest. Besides, even those who live and breathe outstanding interior design, they need a few inspirations and guidance that can hone their skills. Even when working with a tight decorating budget, you can still come up with a home that is worth featuring in a luxury magazine. From balancing color to enhancing interior lighting to hanging artwork, there is a box of tricks that you can employ to create a fabulous space. Below are décor ideas to help you create an elegant home.

1. Choosing Paint Color

 It is no doubt that choosing color paint is a challenging decision when redesigning your home. Besides, your paint color influences the decors you go for as they must blend for an outstanding design. If you are after making your home have a glamorous look, then you have two color options to help you achieve that. You should either select a dramatic or bold color. Depending on your personality, either color should enhance glamour in your home. 

2. Crown Molding

To create an illusion of an expensive and custom-made design, you should focus on details. Crown molding is an excellent way of achieving an elegant appearance in your ceiling and wall. Without the finishing touches on the crown molding, your home appears cheap. Luckily, crown molding is affordable, especially if yours is the paintable plastic; you will enjoy a relatively inexpensive decorative process. You can paint all types frame around your home; the chair rails, ceiling beams etc

3. Pillows

Pillows around the house play two crucial roles. The major one is as designing the item. Appropriate pillow choice can punch up your home’s elegance. The other primary purpose of pillows is the comfort it offers to guests as they sit on the couch. It adds a comfortable layered feel to your room.

 You will only enjoy the comfort aspect of your pillow will automatically show when a guest enters the room. Your pillow should be large enough to take up any body size. Avoid going for the standard12-18 inches. Instead, select a 22-inch pillow. It should also be soft with about 22-inches of inserts. The large overstuffed pillows are with no doubt going to give a plush, elegant look to the room.

 Interior Design Tips That will Give your Home a Fresh Look

 4. Window Treatment

 Does your room feel like it lacks warmth and elegance? There is no better antidote for this than window treatments. Luckily, window treatments are affordable. They also help you kill two birds with one stone as they are decorative items and also add privacy to your home.

 Not all window treatments have an elegant beautiful look. For example, unlined flimsy one will do the exact opposite, and your home will end up looking cheap. Thus, avoid the see me through window treatments. Instead, go for lined draperies that have an elegant and classy look.

You should be keen on the material choice of your window treatment. Go for luxurious materials like natural silk, linen or even cotton. Avoid polyester and other human-made fabric as they look cheap. However, in case you do not like draperies, go for the wood or woven bamboo blinds. They will also work wonders in giving an elegant feel to the house

5. Replace Hardware Finishes

 Sometimes all you need is change simple hardware finishes like knobs, or the drawer pulls. With all the hardware finishes in the market, it can be overwhelming to unique, elegant looking hardware finishes. There so many hardware pieces that are quite affordable. However, most look cheap and are of poor quality. You should instead visit antique shops. They have expensive-looking, quality hardware finishes such as drawer pulls. They are budget-friendly and give your home a unique, elegant feel. To move the hardware easily to your home, you can review websites to get inspiration.

6. Improve the Lighting

The key to an inviting home lies in your lighting. You can install different light sources such as floor or table lamps. It will help you create a welcoming ambience in the bedrooms, hallways and living spaces. It will be easier to go for the standard light fixtures. However, It will not be fair to you as you have probably used the light fixtures in every home you built. Designer fixtures can bring elegance to your place. Alternatively, you can go to second-hand stores or markets where you will get elegant items at an affordable price. Also, you may get pieces that need some buffing or some painting but end you looking like a costly item for a couple of bucks.

 Interior Design Tips That will Give your Home a Fresh Look

7. Revamp Your Carpet Game

Carpets are soft and warm. However, if you are looking for elegance, then gleaming hardwood floors should do the trick. They will give your home an elegant look. They may be costly and quite an investment, but in the long run, they will be worth it. Hardwoods are durable and will increase the value of your home. Thus they yield a high return on investment. Alternatively, you can laminate the floor. However, you will need to choose high quality laminates to ensure durability. A dark color should help you attain an elegant look.

8. Add Accessories

To breathe some elegance to your home, sometimes all you need is some accessories. There are numerous affordable home accessories in the market. It’s not surprising that gold accessories are an instant way of achieving an elegant feel in your home. Well, you are also guilty of associating gold with riches. Put up gold picture frames, golden décor mirrors or a table with golden legs. Besides, mirror décor can make the room feel more spacious. Bare walls are boring; you can use art to pimp your home.


Making your room have an elegant feel doesn’t have to be expensive. You can add a few items in your home to make it more appealing. The above list ideas should give you the inspiration you need for an elegant home.