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Massage Chairs 101 Plus How to Reupholster Dining Chairs

Massage Chairs 101 Plus How to Reupholster Dining Chairs

Technology is quickly advancing. In fact, technology is finding its way into the healthy and furniture industries. For instance, massage chairs have been designed to help beat backaches and improve body posture. Even more, massage chairs can be used to improve the blood floor through the body. So, if you are looking to invest in a massage chair, here is a guide to help you get the best unit in the market.

Things to Look For

A massage chair commands a huge chunk of money. It’s a huge investment. This, you need to get it right with your choice. Plus, the comfort you get from the massage depends on the quality of the unit you purchase. To make your work easy, this article is going to sample things to consider. Keep reading!


Normally, massage chairs are huge in terms of size. Thus, they tend to occupy a lot of space. Thus, it’s important to consider the space that you are going to install your unit in. For instance, if space is limited, you will have to go to a smaller unit. On the other hand, if there is enough space, why not consider getting a bigger unit for maximum comfort? So, consider your needs. Choose a unit that can fit into your office, living room, or workroom.


Think about the user. Who is going to use the chair? What are the user’s requirements like? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when purchasing a massage chair. For instance, if the user is huge and fat, you will need to get a bigger unit. On the other hand, tiny people are comfortable with smaller units. It’s important to note that massage units come in different sizes. Also, they come in different shapes. Consider your height. Look for a unit that can massage all body parts. Look at the specifications.


Cost is another important factor to consider when shopping around for a quality massage chair. Remember, a quality massage chair can cost you hundreds of dollars. Normally, massage chairs can cost you from $500 and $700. However, they can go as high as $7000. However, highly-priced units tend to have more features. So, depending on your needs, you will get a unit that fits into your budget.  


Which features are you looking for in a massage chair? For instance, if you want a unit that can move in different directions, you will need to pay higher and get a 3D model. So, list down the features you will want your unit to have. Then consider different options on the market.

Massage Coverage

Which areas of your body are you looking to massage? Remember, massage chairs are designed to message different types of body. So, look for a unit that can massage your target body part. Essential areas include the neck, calves, and shoulders. Other areas include the back, arms, head, as well as the hip.

Massage Types

Different types of chairs offer different types of body massages. Common types of massages include:

  •  Kneading and rolling
  • Tapping and vibration
  • Shiatsu and reflexology

In some cases, chair manufacturers combine these types of massages to offer pre-programmed experiences. Thus, a user can select a massage type that fits into his/her explicit needs. So, whether you are looking for shiatsu or reflexology, a quality massage chair got you covered. Therefore, look for a unit with the type of massage you are looking for.

Massaging Intensity

You should also consider massage intensity before purchasing a unit from the market. Massage can be quick, light, or intense. So, depending on your needs, you will need a chair that can handle the intensity of your massage needs. So, before purchasing a massage unit from the market thinks of the intensity of massaging intensity.

Heat – Massage Feature

The heat therapy is one of the most important aspects of any massage session. So, ensure that the chair you purchase is equipped with functional heat therapy. Remember, heat therapy helps improve blood flow throughout the body.  Consequently, it reduces the stress levels and pains the body. The massage therapy leverages on infrared that comes from the heating pads to relax your muscles.

Zero Gravity Technique

Zero Gravity is another important feature of any massage chair. With zero gravity technique, you have a technology that will help reach all parts and relieve pressure from them. This makes you weightless. Consequently, this impacts positively on the spinal cord. This removes the stress off your spinal cord. This lowers the heart rate and increases the flow of blood throughout the body—helping you relax.


Relax the muscles as you listen to your favorite music. Who doesn’t love this? With music, you have a tool that will compliment your massaging session to deliver premium stress-relieving experiences.  So, look for a unit with music features. It will improve that massage experience of yours.

Body Scanning Technology

If you want to get the most of your unit, get a unit with body scanning technology. With this feature, the chair detects your positioning. This helps the massage chair to reach all body parts. This delivers a premium massage experience. Plus, the technology ensures that the neck rollers function properly by massaging all parts of the neck. Also, it ensures that the back is properly massaged by the back rollers. In a nutshell, this technology is designed to ensure that all body parts are massaged.

Remote Control

Remote controls make massaging sessions easy and enjoyable. For instance, it makes it easy to switch between different controls. For example, if you are juggling between adjusting the heart, recline settings, and intensity, remote control can be in handy. Remote controls contain all the functions to regulate different massage chair parameters.

 Massage Chairs 101 Plus How to Reupholster Dining Chairs

Reupholstering your Chairs

It’s time to inject fresh looks to your chairs. And one of the ways to do it is through reupholstering them. With reupholstering, you have the power to use patterned fabrics to ass more interest into your chairs. Plus, Reupholster your chairs don’t have to be that hard. You can do it yourself and instantly uplift the spaces. So, if you are looking to add more class into those chairs of yours, consider, reupholstering them. The following procedure will help you reupholster your chairs in style and inject more class into them.

Purchasing your Fabric

The first step involves getting it right with the fabric you choose. First, you will need to measure your chair’s length. Do it from the front to the back. Then measure the width of the seat—albeit from side to side.

The next step involves locating the pastern repeats in that fabric that you have chosen. The repeat patterns represent the vertical as well as horizontal dimensions of a single motif of the pattern of your fabric. Look if the repeats are listed on its tag. If not, consider measuring the vertical repeat. Then measure horizontal repeat. This should be done across the width of the fabric. Pro tip: Consider choosing a fabric featuring a repeat that can fit into your chair’s length. Also, the horizontal repeat shouldn’t exceed the seat’s width.

The next step should be to consolidate the vertical repeat with that of the horizontal one—this should give you the total repeat. 

From here, you are required to divide the number of repeats by 2. From here, round off the answer to the nearest even number. The next step should be to multiply the value obtained by 27 inches. 

Cutting the Fabric

Cutting the fabric should be done accurately. So, measure the chair to be reupholstered. Then mark the center spot using a fine-tipped marker.

Proceed by turning your chairs upside down. Try to establish the location of the 4 screws that hold the seat to your chairs. The next step involves turning the crews in a counterclockwise direction. This will help detach the seats from the chairs.

Reupholster Your Chairs: The Things you need

Want to reupholster your chairs in style? Well, it’s not that difficult. With simple steps, you can do it. First, you will need the following essential things:

  • Chair and a screwdriver 
  • Fabric and pencil
  • Needle nose pliers 
  • Paintbrush and staple gum
  • Scissors

Basic Procedure

First, remove the seat as well as the fabric. Use the screws and fabrics to remove them. Be sure to do it carefully so that you don’t damage the seats. Then re-cushion if needed. Re-cushioning helps make the seats more appealing and fresh. Use the best material to re-cushion the seats. The next step involves stapling on new fabric. Use the staple gum to do it. Be sure to do it with a lot of precision. The way you re-cushion and staple your chairs determines their overall aesthetics. So, do it carefully. Finally, secure the seat.

The Bottom-Line

Quality, reliability, durability, and comfort are key things that define a good massage chair. These are the things you should look for in a massage chair. The above guide will help you choose a unit that you can be proud of.