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Mirage Residence by Kois Associated Architects


Located on a steep and rocky hillside on the Greek island of Tinos, the Mirage Residence by Athens studio Kois Associated Architects overlooks the Aegean sea with panoramic views. It is a single-level structure and has a surface of 198 square meters. The architects’ goal was to integrate the building into the landscape like it was part of it. The living space is covered by a rimless pool that produces a visual effect of the water extending to the horizon, vanishing and merging with the seascape.


From a distance especially if viewed from the path of approach, on a higher ground, the only visible feature of the house is the sea like surface of the pool. The water during the day reflects the surroundings and during the night, the star filled night sky. The mirroring pool of water carefully positioned on the landscape evokes memories of the optical phenomenon of the mirage from which the project was named.

The most of the visible construction materials were extracted from the vicinity and were used to make the house ‘disappear’ into the scenery.

 3-mirage-residence-by-kois-associated-architects 4-mirage-residence-by-kois-associated-architects 5-mirage-residence-by-kois-associated-architects 6-mirage-residence-by-kois-associated-architects

all images courtesy of KOIS ASSOCIATED ARCHITECTS