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Our Top 6 Home Building Trends for 2023

Living room with large opening to the outdoors

Coming off the lows of the past few years, 2022 was a time of change for most home builders. Home designs evolved to meet changing lifestyle needs, and we saw a sharp rise in luxury features, home offices, outdoor spaces and considered design. Now, with 2022 firmly in the rear view, we’re seeing designers gear up for an even bigger 2023. In their hunt to stay ahead of the market, home building companies are working harder than ever to give customers the latest trends and inspire a new wave of home builds. There are quite a few design trends we’re expecting to see in 2023, and in this article, McCarthy, the Brisbane home builders experts go over our top six!

1. Considered Natural Lighting Plans

We know what you’re thinking – natural light isn’t a new trend. And you’re right. Natural light has been a popular home design feature for decades, with many people designing homes specifically to capture that morning or afternoon sun. That’s going to remain a popular trend, but we expect to see more home designs incorporating natural lighting plans than ever before. Features like vaulted ceilings, open stairwells, splashback windows and floor-to-ceiling glass doors are on the rise, and they’re making our interior spaces shine in 2023.

2. Luxe Features On a Budget

Luxury materials, appliances, fittings and designs get more attainable every year. As build costs come down, more and more home builders are beginning to include those luxe features in their budget models. In 2023’s challenging market, we expect to see home building companies trying harder to recapture a reluctant market by including upmarket details for less. We’re predicting that entry level homes will see a big trend towards finishing touches like:

  • Walk-in and butler’s pantries
  • Luxuriously proportioned master suites
  • Mother-in-law suites
  • Large outdoor entertainment areas
  • Outdoor features like patios and pools
  • Dedicated home office spaces
  • Theatre rooms

3. Hardwood Floors Are Making a Comeback

The past decade of home design has leaned heavily on inspiration from minimalist and industrial cues. That’s great for creating homes with clean lines and simple materials, but it hasn’t introduced much warmth into our most intimate spaces. We’re now shifting away from that, and in 2023 one of the biggest changes we’re looking forward to is an uptick in hardwood and timber flooring options.

With hardwood flooring and hybrid flooring systems becoming more popular, homeowners are once again finding that timber is within their budget! Timber floors have been a staple of design since the beginning of architecture. Now, with other design trends focusing on bringing the outdoors in, hardwood flooring has become the icing on the cake. Expect to see more hardwood flooring and look-alike options spanning every new build this year, bringing warmth, texture and depth to our most precious spaces.

 Modern kitchen with large central island

4. Merging the Indoors with the Outdoors

Biophilic design has become one of the biggest trends of the past few years. As we begin to venture outside once more, new home builds are going to put heavy emphasis on those conjoined indoor-outdoor spaces. Expect to see more simple touches like indoor living that flows seamlessly onto the patio, as well as complex designs like internal atriums, green courtyards and outdoor bathrooms. These design features are a feast for the senses, and they’re going to play a major role in a world that has shifted to remote working arrangements and more flexible lifestyles.

5. Mid Century Is Back in a Big Way

When you think of mid century design, your mind instantly goes to the playful pastels, curved lines and rich timber of the 40s, 50s and 60s. But mid century design is so much more than the vintage furniture you’ve picked up at a garage sale! Mid century house design is all about crafting playful, intimate spaces that make creative use of colour and shape to draw the eye. Home building features like arched doorways, exposed brick, sunken lounges and specialty lighting plans are going to lead the way on the mid century revival in 2023’s construction scene.

6. Going Big on the Chef’s Kitchen

Home designers used to battle it out by including the biggest and best master suites. Buyers were swayed by features like cavernous walk-in robes, double ensuites and mirrored dressing rooms. But we’ve reached the peak of our hunt for the perfect master suite, and home builders are looking for new ways to make an impression on their customers.

Enter the chef’s kitchen! Kitchens have always been the heart of the home, but they’ve often taken a backseat to providing features like large living areas or features such as theatre rooms. Now though, luxuriously proportioned kitchens are in vogue, with more and more buyers expecting top notch equipment for their money. In 2023 you can expect to see those home kitchens expand to include more counter space, bigger and better appliances, walk-in pantries, breakfast bars, wine fridges, concealed storage and luxury touches like marble benchtops.