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Pigeon Kick Scooter by Ignas Survilla


Lithuanian designer Ignas Survilla has designed the ‘Pigeon‘, this lightweight and colorful kick scooter. “Pigeon” can be folded by one-time pushing with a foot; after folding it is compact, of streamlined forms, thus making it comfortable in use. Pigeon has been ergonomically designed to carry on your shoulder comfortably, making it easy to tote on the subway, a bus or even an elevator.

I believe commuting from point A to point B may be turned into delightful travel, says survila.

 2-pigeon-kick-scooter-by-ignas-survilla 3-pigeon-kick-scooter-by-ignas-survilla 4-pigeon-kick-scooter-by-ignas-survilla


all images courtesy of IGNAS SURVILLA