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Ren Ri creates stunning sculptures made by bees

Beijing-based artist Ren Ri has realized a series of sculptures made by bees. The sculptures are housed in transparent plastic polyhedrons and cubes boxes. At the center of each is the queen bee, around which the worker bees build their beehive-sculpture. Every week, Ren changes the gravity of the structure by rotating the box onto a different side.  Ren determines how to shift the box by the roll of a dice. Each time, there’s no telling how the bees will react to their new environment.

The sculptures can be seen at the T Museum for Contemporary Art in the Chinese city of Hangzhou until early August.

 2-ren-ri-creates-stunning-sculptures-made-by-bees 3-ren-ri-creates-stunning-sculptures-made-by-bees 4-ren-ri-creates-stunning-sculptures-made-by-bees

all images courtesy of  REN RI | via Huffington PostiGnant