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Renovating Your Bathroom: 5 Overlooked Tips to Keep in Mind

Marble bathroom with golden details

Your bathroom has seen better days. Fittings have long lost their polish, while the design looks like it came out of a different decade. This is probably why you have decided to renovate your bathroom. 

A bathroom renovation can be an exciting project. As you search social media and interior design blogs for inspiration, you’ll be engulfed by a wave of ideas to transform your tired space into one that boasts effortless elegance and style. 

However, a bathroom renovation is also something that you cannot rush into. Do this, and you’re liable to make some costly mistakes. With that in mind, here are five overlooked tips to keep in mind before renovating your bathroom. 

1. Pick your plumber

Having a plumber on-hand can save you a lot of time and headaches. If you encounter a plumbing emergency during your renovation, it’s important to get this fixed ASAP to stay on schedule and remain within your budget. 

Speaking of the latter, it is also essential to select a affordable plumber with a strong reputation in your area. For example, Beehive Plumbing, specialists for plumbing repairs in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, is known for their fair prices and quality work. Find a plumber nearby with similar qualities, and you’re onto a winner. 

2. Don’t forget the bathroom fan

A bathroom fan is a necessary inclusion for any modern bathroom. If you’re missing proper ventilation, this can lead to humidity getting trapped within the space. This creates a moist environment that is the perfect breeding ground for mildew and mold as time goes on. Naturally, this will also lead to your bathroom’s metal, grout, and paint deteriorating. 

 Modern bathroom with freestanding bathtub

3. Accessible outlets

Outlets can easily be overlooked when designing a bathroom. While it’s unlikely you will forget these altogether, you might neglect their positioning within the room. This isn’t good if you, say, end up with your hairdryer on one side of the room, where you cannot see yourself in the mirror. 

When planning your bathroom’s layout, ensure outlets are accessible in the right areas. 

4. Consider storage opportunities

Yes, your bathroom is relatively compact compared to other rooms in your home. Yet this doesn’t mean you should avoid adding storage when possible. Storage solutions help to keep your bathroom counters tidy and pristine. 

Make sure to incorporate storage into your early bathroom renovation plans. This way, your storage won’t feel like it’s out of place or tacked on. 

5. Be realistic with your budget 

Renovating a bathroom won’t cost that much, right? After all, it’s a small space without too many fancy features. The reality, however, is that the average bathroom remodel sets people back around $10,000. 

That’s likely a lot more than you were expecting. 

Fortunately, there are various steps you can take for a budget-friendly renovation, which can reduce the cost significantly – although this is entirely dependent on the overall scope of your bathroom project and what features you want to add to your space.