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Rocycle boutique fitness studio Amsterdam


Dutch practice XML completed the design for Rocycle, a boutique fitness studio located in the center of Amsterdam. Rocycle is the first fitness studio in the Netherlands that combines fitness with a high-end hospitality experience, offering full body workout spinning classes.

The XML design for Rocycle’s flagship studio marks the introduction of ‘athleisure’ inspired fitness concepts – merging athletics with leisure – to the Netherlands.


The design features a translucent wall with changeable LED texts in the main lobby. While a unisex lockerspace allows for an efficient change between classes, the lobby acts as the main social space offering views to the Amsterdam canals through large windows. Located on the ground floor of an existing apartment building, XML engineered a soundproofed cycling studio with 27 speakers, offering an immersive music experience. As part of the project, XML also designed the store-in-store of The Cold Pressed Juicery, Amsterdam’s first full organic Juicery. The fully equipped Juice bar offers fresh juices, smoothies and nutritious food.

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all images courtesy of XML