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Stuck for Ideas for Your Spare Room? Here Are 6 Ways You Can Make the Best Use of It

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Artem Podrez from Pexels

A spare room is always a great thing to have as it gives you space to try out new design ideas. 

Yet while many people opt for creating another bedroom that only gets used when visitors come over, there are many other choices that can help you bring the best out of your extra space.

This article looks at six alternative ideas for your spare room that you may not have thought of.

A pet sanctuary

The COVID-19 lockdown caused a surge in the number of pet purchases and it’s no surprise: studies show that our furry friends have helped to boost our well-being during the pandemic.

All those extra creatures, then, may need their own space. A spare room can fulfil this purpose: put in their favourite bed, a few toys and animal-inspired decorations to make it a true pet palace.

A bonus could be that they stop taking up human beds and sofas now that they have their own area – although that’s said more in hope than expectation!

A reading room/library

Floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with books is a powerful look, and can make even the smallest room look majestic. They also give off a serene feel to anyone that walks in there.

Filling one or two of the walls with books and placing a comfy armchair or two is what it takes to convert a spare room into your own personal library. It offers peace and tranquillity amidst the mayhem of everyday life, and is also a useful place to store your book collection.

If you don’t have the books right now, then it may take you a bit of time and expense to grow it, but the effort will be well worth it.

A games room

Having a gang of kids to take care of, or even just a hyperactive spouse, is a lot to deal with when you have other things to do. A games room can serve two main purposes: a place to put all the gadgets lying around the house, such as consoles, tablets and extra TVs; and also an area to keep noisy family members quiet. 

While designing a perfect games room is a nice thing to aspire to, the main thing is that it has enough space to house one or two screens and a comfortable sofa. Careful parents might not want to fit a lock, either: just in case they need to pop in and check the kids aren’t browsing on inappropriate websites, playing online casino games, or watching horror movies.

The cost of converting the room into a games haven probably isn’t as high as some of the other options, and it’s a nice thing to have if your guests (and their kids) are into gaming.

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A multipurpose room

It’s nice to have flexibility, and a few clever additions to your spare room can leave it open to several different uses. Depending on the occasion, a table and chairs can be used both as a desk and a dining area for kids; a sofa or a lounge chair makes a reading room or TV room possible, while an open space in one corner can be a combined yoga or play area.

This will be dictated by the size of the room, of course, but for people looking for something that fits various events, a versatile multipurpose room is the way to go.

Home studio

Struggling to get in touch with your creative side? A smart purchase or two can transform your extra space into a haven for you to put your skills to practical use.

If the room boasts a lot of natural light, then a well-placed easel makes it the perfect painting spot. If it’s in a quiet location away from busy parts of the house, then a recording studio might be possible. It could be the scene of instrument practice or even the perfect location to record a podcast.

While renovations like soundproofing require a lot of money, there’s no reason why the room can’t be used for professional purposes should your creative ideas take off. 

A walk-in wardrobe

If your closets are currently bursting to the seams with garments and footwear, then, let’s face it, you’re going to need this extra space to store some clothes. 

To go one step further than that, a walk-in wardrobe is every fashionista’s dream, and a spare room can make this a reality. Wall-to-wall rails and a set of drawers or two are all it takes for you to complete this project. However, this is the most self-indulgent idea on the list, so check that your house mates are happy with it first!