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The 5 Best Back Exercise Equipment You Should Use

The 5 Best Back Exercise Equipment You Should Use

Are you on the lookout for the back exercise equipment that will help alleviate your back problems or strengthen your back? If so, look no further! This article will provide you all the relevant information about the best back exercise equipment you should consider using. 

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Many people struggle to find the right equipment that strengthens the back muscles and relieves any muscular pain in the body. If you are one of those people, you do not need to worry anymore. 

We bring you a list of different pieces of exercise equipment you should use to get rid of backaches or strengthen your back muscles. Keep on reading to get familiar with the back exercise machines and start using them for added ease and comfort.

Fitness Ball

Fitness ball is simple yet effective exercise equipment you can conveniently use at home. You can use it for various exercises like chest press, push-ups, planks or squats. The ball can also be used for stretching and exercising your back muscles effectively.

Press the exercise ball against the ball with your lower back, and then move it up and down the wall while bending your knees. This equipment comes at fairly reasonable prices so try having one at your home as well. 

Assisted Pull-Up Machine

Pull-ups are best for building your back stronger. However, if you have not gained the strength and stamina to perform pull-ups yourself, assisted pull-up machine would be your best pick.

The main purpose of this machine is to help you do pull-ups and focus on mastering the exercise. As you progress toward performing the pull-ups and gain strength, you may become capable of doing pull-ups on your own.

To build strength, try using assistance less to let you lift yourself upward for each rep. It will allow you to build strength and muscle mass as you work on form. It is an incredible machine for developing your back muscles and gaining muscular strength.

 The 5 Best Back Exercise Equipment You Should Use

Pull-Over Machine

This machine is great for people wanting to increase their flexibility along with a stronger back. Exercising on this machine helps you improve flexibility, squeeze the lats, and have an intense stretch on each rep. 

You must add this equipment to your workout routine and witness the results within a few days. As it is an isolation exercise, try using the machine on the deadlift and pull-up days. Perform 8-12 reps for four sets to gain stronger back muscles.

Low-Seated Row Machine

The low-seated row machine allows you to use various attachments to fulfill various purposes. You can pull in the rope tighter and gain a better contraction. 

The broad handle lets you build the upper back, and the tight-grip handle allows you to focus on the lats. Keep in mind to maintain a correct posture while using the machine.

If you want a versatile machine, you should consider this low-seated row option. It targets any kind of back problem and allows you to develop a balanced upper body.

Back Extension Machine

This machine is designed to help you perform the back extension exercise. It is an extension bench, commonly called the back extension machine, usually found in gyms. Use the bench under the supervision of an expert. 

The bench uses gravity to create resistance. When using the machine, face the floor keeping your thighs on the pad. Next, extend your spine up against gravity. 

Before beginning the exercise, make sure the pad is right under your hip bone. Also, a wide range of benches is available that let you do the same exercises on different levels. Usually, you will find the extension machine offered in two angles that are 90 degrees and 45 degrees. 

Make sure to seek a trainer’s assistance if you are new to using this machine. A trainer will guide you on the correct usage of the equipment and minimize the risk of any injury. 

Bottom Line

Working out on the right exercise equipment is imperative when it comes to strengthening your back. The pieces of equipment on our list are specifically designed to build your back stronger and rid you of any back problems. However, make sure to seek a trainer’s help when using new fitness equipment to avoid performing wrong movements that may cause damage to your back.