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The Childs Dreyfus Group Brings Unique Style & Function to Chicago Developments

The Childs Dreyfus Group Brings Unique Style & Function to Chicago Developments

Childs Dreyfus Group

The Childs Dreyfus Group (CDG)is an integrated architecture/interior design company located in Chicago with the capability to create exciting, modern spaces for single family, multifamily, student housing, and commercial properties. Guiding the future in architecture and innovative interior design features, CDG is able to work with any client to provide the best possible environment for their residents and neighborhood by creating human-centered interiors driven by research.

New Developments, Old Roots

CDG is no stranger to the Chicago architecture scene.  CDG started work decades ago on senior living and multi-purpose homes, such as Del Webb and Toll Brother’s properties.  Over the years, CDG has worked on progress across the country, including in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Ohio and Florida, but has more recently recommitted to their roots as a market they helped create decades ago continues to boom in Chicago. Some of CDG’s new collaborations include Vermella, Garvies in New York Braddock and Block 1.

The firm’s current student housing pipeline includes two student housing properties in Gainesville, Florida, slated to open in December; and a property serving Penn State in State College, Pennsylvania, scheduled to open this summer. Additionally, CDG is designing a property at University of Illinois and up and coming properties at Yale and the University of Maryland.

 The Childs Dreyfus Group Brings Unique Style & Function to Chicago Developments

While CDG creates harmonious spaces for all types of commercial and residential clients, some design elements are common to all of their projects. Sight-lines are captivating and inviting, textures and material choices enhance the calming nature of each space.  Designed to support your brand, CDG uses the latest technology, market research, and artistic touch to deliver stunning and functional environments.

CDG believes that the future of architecture lies in environmentally friendly designs. Chicago-area developers have been incorporating renewable energy and energy efficient elements in their designs for several years. CDG encourages the use of innovative window designs like the ones at Solstice on the Park, which enhance warmth during the winter and release heat during the summer. The climate in the area can be harsh, leading to heavy use of heating and air conditioning.

Focus Demographics

CDG’s designs are centered around the needs of the middle and high-income customer. These customers have come to expect the finest in design and architectural elements. These designs provide a feeling of luxury and harmony to public and private spaces alike – with a focus on community, local culture and multi-purposed spaces. These markets include high-end student housing, mixed-use properties, multi family, and senior living.

 The Childs Dreyfus Group Brings Unique Style & Function to Chicago Developments

Designing Your Ideal Space

No matter which type of space you are creating, The Childs Dreyfus Group will be able to help you draw up the best possible arrangement of architectural elements, merchandising, smart-centered design, and culture enhanced attributes.  Utilizing their experience, unparalleled team, and market intelligence, CDG is the only partner for interior architecture.  Chicago companies and investor groups have already discovered how CDG can help them stand out in the crowd, improve speed of occupancy, enhance their brand…and bottom line. Their current design projects will show the way toward new and exciting technologies and usages in urban, modern living. To learn more, visit ChildsDreyfus.com