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The Secret to Making Small Spaces Seem Big   

The Secret to Making Small Spaces Seem Big

Living in a small home has its advantages. There’s not as much to clean, the utilities are cheaper, and it’s easier to maintain. However, the most obvious issue with small homes is space. No matter how hard you try, you never seem to get enough of it. 

There are many secrets as to how you can make your small space seem larger. With a few design tips and tricks, you can make your tiny home seem as spacious as a townhouse. 

Stick to a Light Color Palette 

Sticking to a lighter color palette can trick the eye into thinking that the space is much larger than it is. Dark colors can drown out the light in a space making it feel much smaller and cramped. Go for creams, whites, or beiges and stay away from dark blues or black.  

Use Appropriately Sized Furniture 

To make the room look as large as possible, you will need to incorporate appropriately sized furniture. If you stick a king-sized bed in a small room, it will make the room look cramped and uncomfortable. Rather than buying a long sofa, you could opt to buy small loveseats for apartments instead. 

 The Secret to Making Small Spaces Seem Big

Look For Multi-Use Pieces 

Another way to make the best out of a small space is by purchasing multi use furniture. This includes modular sofas, convertible dining tables, beds with storage underneath, and even mirrors with hidden storage space. These multi functioning pieces of furniture will help you use the space you have more efficiently and create room for storage too.  

Use Floor to Ceiling Curtains 

You want to ensure as much light enters the room as possible, however, curtains are pretty much a necessity in any home. To make the room seem taller, you should opt for floor to ceiling curtains. You should leave half an inch between the curtain and the floor; anything less can make the ceiling look low. 

 The Secret to Making Small Spaces Seem Big

Add Some Mirrors

Mirrors can be used to give a room more depth and trick the eye into thinking the space is larger. They also help to reflect light and therefore they make the room look brighter too. Find a design that is not too busy and make sure to place the mirror at an appropriate height.

Use Breezy Fabrics 

If you are trying to enhance the feeling of space in a home, you shouldn’t be using heavy fabrics or materials. Linen and voile are great fabrics that for items like curtains or bedsheets. Try to stick to light color palettes and simple patterns. 

Small spaces are cozier and more efficient to live in. However, you must also learn to live with the limited square footage that you have. Living in a small space will teach you how to be more organized and it will help you get rid of items that simply clutter your living space. Don’t try to fight the design of your home, instead, try to adapt to it as best as you can.