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Tips and Ideas to Create a Feature Wall

Feature wall made with a curtain

Stark monochrome walls can be a tad boring if you ask us. In our opinion, we think every room in your home should have a focal point. 

That focal point can be a corner, nook, or a wall in your room that your eyes naturally gravitate to. When designing a home, one of the things you should consider is feature walls. Well, if you have already designed your room but feel something is missing, a feature wall can bring everything together. 

So, how do you go about creating this? That’s what this post is all about. We will guide you with tips and ideas to create a stunning feature wall that you would be proud of. Are you ready to get started? Let’s jump right in!

Paint a Wall in an Accent Color

This is probably one of the easiest ways to create a feature wall. Give one of the walls a coat of paint in an accent color that’s different from the rest of the walls. To create better coordination between colors and a sense of unity among your decor, you can use furniture or custom curtains of the same color as your feature wall.  

These colors should ideally be in contrast with the rest of the walls and attract the line of sight towards it. It can be a simple solid color or also a pattern made with more than one color. Entire wall mural paints are also in trend right now and these can be made differently for each room or space. 

Patterned Wallpapers are Made to Transform

You can’t go wrong with these while creating a feature wall. So, spice up your feature wall by adding patterned wallpaper while keeping the other walls in monochrome paint. This works especially well for walls in bedrooms where your bed’s headboard rests. Instead of using wallpaper to cover the entire room, use it on one singular wall to transform your space. 

Choose designs that coordinate well with the rest of your room decor to distribute the color evenly across your room. You may use accent colors but make sure they do not end up looking uncoordinated. If you are on a lean budget and can’t work wallpaper into the mix, consider using wall decals. These are simple to apply and come with easy removal features if you want something temporarily.

Bring in an Oversized Mirror

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to do so much to create a feature wall. Something as simple and classy as an oversized mirror can also transform your wall. 

Mirrors naturally draw eyes to them. Not only that, but mirrors also make a space feel larger than it is. So, get a large mirror and place it in the center of a wall to create a feature wall. 

 Feature wall made with bricks

Create a Memory Wall

It is never a bad idea to introduce a personal touch to your space. It is even better if you make your feature wall a gallery wall filled with beautiful memories. 

So, go through your hard drive to find pictures that bring smiles to your face. Print them out and frame them nicely to create a beautiful photo collage on your wall. 

There is no better way to personalize your feature wall than to bring your favorite memories to life in pictures. That’s a wall that not only becomes the anchor of your room but also a tool for sweet time traveling.

Invest in Ceiling to Floor Curtains

If you want to achieve a dramatic feel and have a generous budget, go all out for ceiling-to-floor draperies on an entire wall.  

The height the luxurious fabric adds to your ceiling and the unique dimension it introduces to your space creates a perfect feature wall. 

To ensure a cohesiveness to the decor style of the room with your custom-made feature wall, consider using custom roman shades on other windows in the room. This will make the draperies on the feature wall stand out while you also have perfect coverings for other windows. 

Tile the Wall

Tiles are great for creating a feature wall. Whether you prefer the simple mosaic design or a heavily patterned tile design, you can design a beautiful feature wall with tile. 

While the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom are the common places where people use tiles, you can use them creatively in other places too. That’s what thinking out of the box is about. So, if you like the simpler styles, use a minimalist, contemporary tile design on a section of your wall. 

Depending on how heavy the color in the room is, you can’t go wrong with white, except when the entire walls are painted white. In that case, you have to reverse the color scheme and choose colorful tiles or mosaics for your feature wall. 

Bring in the Art

Really, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a feature wall, nor do you have to invest so much time into it. Adding a piece of statement wall art is the simplest way to create such a wall and make your room look significantly more attractive. Simply add a large piece of artwork to the center of a wall in your room to add color and visual interest to the room. This tasteful addition can also make your home look lavish and masterfully decorated with care and effort.

You don’t even have to buy expensive art pieces in case you’re on a tight budget. You have the option to buy digital artwork and print them out, frame them. Thus, you can find a beautifully printed artwork piece that you can frame and hang on your wall. It doesn’t get easier than this.

Final Thoughts

When choosing elements for your feature wall, make sure to consider other elements in your décor. You should also consider the placements of these elements and how they blend with your wall and the whole ensemble of your space.