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Tips for Toilets – A Matter of Comfort

Tips for Toilets - A Matter of Comfort

The sanitary industry now offers a wide range of products to suit the requirements of the consumerBe it from an aesthetic point of view to concerns about comfort. And, as consumers are becoming more environment-conscious, products have been modified to fulfill environment-friendly specifications.

There are many aspects to consider when purchasing or choosing a toilet to fit your needs

All one needs to do is answer a few pertinent questions:

Who will be using the toilet?

If the toilet is meant for kids, the standard height of 15 inches is ideal. In fact, there are toilets manufactured in smaller heights, that are meant for younger kids.

On the other hand, there are ‘comfort’ toilets that measure 17 inches or more. These are designed to make sitting and standing easier for those with impaired movements.

What style do you prefer?

Once again, there are ample choices available. The traditional look has two options. A high-level toilet where the cistern is mounted high up on a wall and a long flush pipe connected to the pan offers an old-world look. 

Then, there is a low-level toilet where the cistern sits right above the pan. This is the functional, standard look that suits the average home.

The contemporary design features two styles too. There the wall hung toilet and the ‘fully-shrouded’ design. Both have no plumbing on display and make hygiene much easier.

Then, there is the very latest rimless technology for a much cleaner toilet. The rimless design helps reduce the build-up of bacteria.

What is the type of plumbing connection will you need to install?

the answer to this is simple. That will depend on the type of toilet you have chosen. A back to wall toilet will need a separate concealed cistern whereas a wall-mounted toilet will need a wall mounting unit.

 Tips for Toilets - A Matter of Comfort

What is the size of the bathroom?

Limited space in the bathroom requires ingenious use of space. Under such circumstances, a combined bathroom and vanity unit offer a stylish and unified look. 

Moreover, one can opt for a round toilet shape rather than an elongated one taking up less space.

Is water conservation a concern?

Many consumers are now turning towards environmentally-friendly choices. Therefore, products that save on water consumption and water bills are now available in the market.

An air-assisted flushing mechanism, has been introduced. It pressurizes the trap-way before the flush and creates a vacuum-assisted pull when the flush lever is pressed – the combination of air and water creates a system that cleans debris from the bowl with only one flush. 

There are an array of choices available for consumers. Be it a more sophisticated, limited space and environment-friendly option to the more grand and extravagant bathroom that offers the latest conservative technologies. 

For a comprehensive and thorough insight to help make a sound and feasible decision, we recommend best toilet guide. It provides reviews on the best products, research about recent technologies introduced and guides to the various tips consumers ought to keep in mind to make an informed choice.