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Tips To Keep In Mind Before Selling A Home

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Selling A Home

If you’re trying to sell a home, it’s important to consider certain issues before you get startedToday we are focusing on what to consider before you sell. First of all, a good presentation will earn you points and get you to close the sale sooner says Casey Buys Houses LLC. Another objective would be to emphasize the most important aspects of the property in order to increase its value. Selling a house can take time, but there are many different options you can look to speed up the process. For instance, you can get an AZ Home Offer from a buying company that will give you a fair all-cash offer for your house anywhere In AZ.

If to buy you have to track the area and check prices, to sell even more. Setting a price according to the neighborhood will help us determine the sale value. If the price rises, it usually takes longer to sell. And you run the risk of offering the house at an off-market price.

A good option is to ask for an appraisal to know more precisely where the market is moving. It doesn’t cost that much, it’s money well spent and can help the sale. Above all because the buyer will see that the price is based on a professional document that can even be used to apply for a loan.

Documentation in order

If we want to sell our house quickly it is important to have everything ready to do the paperwork once we find a buyer. We refer to the deeds of the property. But also the IBI receipts or the community fees. We must have everything ready that the buyer may need.

Clear and truthful announcements

Once the price of the property has been adjusted, a clear and truthful announcement must be made. With good photos and if possible, videos. This will help us to be better positioned. To get really interested buyers. And to eliminate people who just come to hang out.

Also, try to describe the property as much as possible. This will avoid both parties wasting their time. 

Adapting the housing

The appearance of the house is very important, as it will help us to make potential buyers like it and make a quicker decision. The emotional as well as the rational component must be enhanced. It is a question of the house being attractive at first sight. And impact on the potential buyer.

It is good to depersonalize the house, eliminating photos and personal and family objects. Save your collections. Buyers should be able to see themselves living in the house.

The house must be attractive. The furniture must be well placed, have good lighting and, in short, highlight its strengths.


It is essential that during the visit buyers have a sense of well-being. Ventilation or getting a pleasant temperature can help. It is also important to avoid noise and other external disturbances.

Order and cleanliness

They are also fundamental. Everything has to be organized, placed and clean. From the kitchen to the rooms, not forgetting the bathroom. There has to be organization in the closets. The buyer will want to know how much space he has available in the house. 

Small repairs and changes

A small investment can be very profitable, especially when it comes to repairs. In order to sell as soon as possible, sometimes it pays to invest time and some money in fixing small damages (chips, a dripping tap). This way, the house will be more attractive.

Small changes in the kitchen may be convenient. Like installing a new countertop. This can make the house more attractive. And make it more eye-catching.

And if you want to make more profit, there are more options. Having a well-insulated home with good windows may seem expensive, but it adds to the value of your home. The buyer will see it as a way to save energy.

Homestaging company

If you don’t have time to deal with all this, you can turn to a home staging company. They will take care of highlighting your strengths and tuning it up. You can also count on a real estate agency to take care of everything.

Before you put your house on the market you must make some financial decisions:

  1. If you are buying another property and you have the money to sell the current property, you should put a contingency clause in the offer stating that if the house is not sold you cannot proceed with the purchase.
  2. You must make sure you really qualify to buy the property you want.
  3. Sell your home at a reasonable price, don’t waste your time selling it at a price that is way above the current market
  4. If you are working with a real estate agent make sure you understand the costs of the services provided
  5. It is recommended that you make a list of items you want to sell and one you do not want to sell

Here are some tips of things you should do before putting your property on the market:

  1. Make sure the house is clean inside and out
  2. If you have carpet in your home that is in poor condition, replace it and clean it
  3. Clean all the windows in your house
  4. Strip the social areas a little, removing unnecessary furniture and accessories. Things look nicer while they have less furniture and decorations.
  5. If the house paint is in poor condition, paint or clean it to make a better impression
  6. When greeting prospective buyers, remove the carts from the driveway to make it easier for them to park
  7. If you have pets or smoke in your home, make sure you have an air freshener in the air so that those smells are not unpleasant for the client
  8. Organize all visible closets and closets, this gives a sense of cleanliness and organization to your home
  9. Do not give the buyer a reason to offer less money for your property because it looks dirty or deteriorated

List of Obligations Before Selling Your Home

Buying a house is a decision that marks the life of the buyer; but selling a property is also an extremely important matter. It is not an easy task to place a property for sale; the real estate market is increasingly competitive. People who want to buy a house receive more offers every day, so the will is not the only thing you need. Here we will mention some strategies to succeed in your sales, such as which documents you should have in order and at hand, and the arrangements you should make to your house, before selling it.

Find and order all your documentation

Some papers that you should have in order before putting your house up for sale are: property and water bill without debts; valid identification; deeds of the property free of liens registered in the Public Registry of Property; in case you were married under the regime of joint property, and you acquired the property after you were married, you should have the respective act and the signature of the spouse; in case the property belongs to a condominium, you should also prove that it is free of administrative debts. This is a general overview of the documents that are required, although we advise you to check the legislation in your entity.

What you must do to achieve a successful sale

There are different internet platforms where you can place your property ad. It is important not to overvalue it, the right thing to do is to ask for the services of an expert and thus know what the right price is. You can use the services of a real estate agent, they know the correct way to market the property and will spend some of their time showing your house. The expert knows the business well and will be a great ally.

Taking care of your home maintenance

They say that love is born from sight, so you must make some improvements to your home. An important point to consider when you want to sell your home is that you will need to maintain any flaws, such as cracks in the walls, and make any repairs that you feel are necessary for the property to be in optimum condition. In addition to the repairs, it is important that you carry out a thorough cleaning. It may not be necessary to change the tiles in your flat, but you can polish them, and the windows, doors and keys must be in optimum condition. Another important aspect is that you get rid of things that you no longer use, having a space free of utensils will make your property look more spacious.

Consider the costs of selling your home

If you decide to have the help of a real estate agent, you will have to consider that this one, on average, takes a 5% commission for the sale. If you are not up to date with the payments of the property and other services such as water and electricity, you will have to catch up. The income tax (ISR), is the tax generated at the time of sale of your home, the ISR you have to cover for being the owner.

Now you know what the most important aspects are that you have to consider before selling your house. There are several expenses that you probably didn’t consider, so now you won’t be taken by surprise. Follow our blog for more interesting details if you’re looking to sell your home.