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Top Hygiene Tips to Consider When Designing Your Home 

Top Hygiene Tips to Consider When Designing Your Home 

Decor ideas are always so much fun when you have put together looks that you are sure you would like to add to your home. 

Depending on the kind of theme you want to display, you could easily make a mess and turn the place upside down while doing so. If you’re going to keep the cleaning to a minimum once you have completed your tasks, then follow these easy tips listed below: 

Touchless technology

Sensory accessories have become very popular. Many bathroom design places now make the taps touchless so that you can wave your hands close by, and the water runs until you remove your hand. This kind of technology can not only save you from spreading ferns, but it can also save you lots of money on unwanted water bills. Not having a leaking tap where the washer has worn off due to too much faucet turning will make it easier for you to skip replacements and skip the germs. 

Painting your home 

Painting can be a messy job and can be very hazardous if you do not take any safety precautions. Often homes are bought requiring lots of remodelling if it’s old and can have a few hidden surprises tucked in under the paint.  If you live in an area surrounded by a younger generation, you will need to be aware of possible artworks that can find themselves present on your outer walls. If you are repainting the outside, ask for professional advice from companies specialising in removing debris, moulding and offering graffiti removal services. They will likely be able to tell you if there is more to be done than expected. They are also equipped to assist with removing any excess paint or rubbish while you are working to make it easier for you not to touch or handle any of the chemicals that they or you may have used. The fewer chemicals you have randomly lying around, the safer. 

 Top Hygiene Tips to Consider When Designing Your Home 

Roller towels 

A roller towel and a sanitiser station in the kitchen can help those quick cleans and wipe any mess on the counters. They are disposable and can easily be replaced because of their cost-effectivity. Covid-19 has taught us how important it is to sanitise, and offering a station for guests to do a quick clean will not only make your home ook prepared for anything, but it will also keep it clean and germ-free. 


Dishwashers save a lot of money in water bills as well, and they wash your dishes to a much higher degree than regular hand washing can tolerate. They are space savers as they usually go under the kitchen sink, and they are cleaner than hand washing because you don’t risk touching dirty water or spreading the dirt onto the counters while you work. They also come with handy cleaning tablets, so you never have to wash them yourself. 

Antibacterial surfaces are also popular and make a great addition to modern kitchens. Copper or laminate kitchen tops are antimicrobial and stop anyone, especially children, from spreading germs. They are easy to clean, and they last a long time. This is a significant investment if you would like to keep your home as clean as possible long after the design is done.