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Unique Upgrades For The Ready-To-Move-In Apartments You Will Notice

Unique Upgrades For The Ready-To-Move-In Apartments You Will Notice

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Moving and relocating for the first time can be stressful for anyone. The thought of packing up all your belongings and finding a place that you can call home takes a fair amount of time and research. 

Lucky for you, we have curated a comprehensive list of some of the most important factors that you need to consider as you move into a new apartment. 

First off, you will need to figure out your monthly budget before starting your search. For instance, if Texas is your destination and you are looking for, let’s say apartments near Lewisville TX, consider how many beds and baths you will require, the amenities you will need, and whether you have a pet. This will help determine how much square foot floor plan you require and will make your search much easier and fruitful. 

After finding an apartment, you may need to consider upgrading a few things to improve your overall quality of life. In this article, we take a closer look at some unique upgrades for your ready-to-move-in apartment that you can easily carry out. 

Consider The Floors

A great rental upgrade idea is to pay attention to the floors. Since some rental apartments can have worn-out hardwood or outdated tiles, you may be tempted to spruce things up a bit so that it reflects your style.

Upgrading floors is the easiest fix for any apartment since you can choose from multiple affordable options. You may consider stick-on vinyl floor decals that can easily be peeled and stuck to the floor in fun and unique patterns or cover the floors with wall-to-wall carpeting with a natural fiber carpet. 

In case you have slippery floors and want to ensure that you prevent any potential accidents in high traffic areas such as the kitchen, bathroom or outdoor balcony, consider installing a rubber drainage mat to help provide ergonomic support. 

 Unique Upgrades For The Ready-To-Move-In Apartments You Will Notice

Upgrade Apartment Lighting 

Good lighting can change the entire ambiance and mood of your apartment. If you notice scant lighting or few windows, it might be wise to consider installing extra lighting options around the apartment. 

For example, you can ask an electrician to install vanity lights in your bathroom and bedroom, and even swap the bedroom light switch with a dimmer. You may even consider completely changing the existing light bulbs depending on your preferences of warmth, energy-saving, and brightness. 

Similarly, you can also install low voltage battery-powered LED lights under your shelves or in your closet space to instantly elevate how they look. 

Add Extra Storage ​​

If there is one thing we all want, it is more storage. Adding storage is a matter of assessing where you can install shelves or cabinets. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, lounge, or even the hallway, you can ask a professional to do it or have some friends over for a fun DIY project

You can opt for floating shelves that match your existing hardware, or source upcycled wood to create something completely unique and eccentric. Shelves are not only great for storage but also to display your art, photo frames, memorabilia, or keep potted plants. 

You may even consider installing small cabinets in any unused nooks for storing anything from shoes to cleaning supplies. Just add a coat of paint to instantly revitalize the space and make it look chic. 

Pay Attention To The Small Details

Rental apartments tend to have worn-out or old wall outlets, showerheads, kitchen faucets, or knobs. The best part is that these can be easily upgraded without being too heavy on the pocket. 

For example, you can swap old wall outlets around the apartment with new and innovative USB-compatible ports. Similarly, you can shop for the best showerhead available on the market and ask a plumber to install it for you. 

Likewise, if you feel the kitchen is too old-school and you can’t install a dishwasher, consider investing in a commercial-style spray faucet to make your life easier and to make your kitchen look more industrial and cool. You could also swap out kitchen knobs or doorknobs by visiting the local vintage or thrift store and purchasing something distinctive to match your style. 

The best part is that you can always uninstall all these things and take them with you to your next destination, which makes it a smart long-term investment decision. 

 Unique Upgrades For The Ready-To-Move-In Apartments You Will Notice

Don’t Forget The Walls

The walls are an important factor of any apartment, and you can easily add a coat of paint to cover up any potential seepage or even add some life to the apartment by adding an interesting color. Alternatively, you could paint a mural, a fun pattern, or even apply wallpaper. 

Remember that the walls have a huge impact on how your space feels, so make sure that you choose colors that complement your surroundings. For example, when painting your living room, opt for colors that seamlessly and harmoniously blend in with your upholstery and existing art. 

Parting Thoughts

Renting an apartment inevitably means that you may have to settle for some of its unchangeable qualities. However, as this article shows, you can always play around with the existing features and amplify its look so that it resonates with your personal style. Just make sure that you seek your landlord’s permission prior to any changes and stay within your budget when making these upgrades.