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Updating Your Home? Interesting Ways You Can Transform Your Carport     

Man works inside carpot turned into garage

Andrea Piacquadio + cottonbro from Pexels

Homeowners are always looking for ways to update their homes. If you have an old carport, there are some great ways to transform it into something new and exciting. This article will list four different ideas to help turn your carport into a space with character.

Converting Your Carport Into A Garage

If you live in Phoenix, AZ, one of the best ways to save money is by using the carport steel to add a garage to your home. You can do this by adding walls, insulation, and a door. You will need to get a permit from your city to do this, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort.

If you’re not interested in doing the conversion yourself, some companies are licensed to do the work for you. Just be sure to get a few quotes before deciding who to go with.

Create a Home Gym

Another popular way to transform a carport is by creating a home gym. If you have some space, this can be an incredible new addition that will provide benefits for years to come.

There are several ways that you can create your home gym using the structure of your old carport:

  • Remove one or two walls so that you have an open space to work out in
  • Install some essential gym equipment, like a treadmill or weight bench
  • Put up some mirrors to help with your form
  • Hang some heavy bags and use them for boxing or martial arts training

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a home gym. Just be sure that you save enough space for you to move around freely.

When installing gym equipment, make sure that the floor is level and can handle all your movement. Depending on what type of workouts you plan to do, it might be a good idea to put down some runners or mats too. This will help prevent slips and falls and provide cushioning if you drop weights or other equipment.

 carpot turned into home gym

Create an Outdoor Theater

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an evening with your friends or family, why not create an outdoor theater in your carport? You can easily install a screen and projector on one wall.

All you need is some comfortable seating, snacks, drinks, and of course, a movie, which is the perfect option if you like to hang out in your backyard but don’t want the bugs. If it starts getting too cold, close up your retractable roof and enjoy yourself all night long.

There are several different options when creating an outdoor theater for your carport

  • Install a projector on one wall of your space so that everyone can see the movie easily
  • Create a movie theater-style room with reclining chairs and cup holders
  • Install benches or other seating so that everyone has enough space to spread out

If you choose the projector route, be sure to install it on an exterior wall so that there’s no light seeping in. This will help create the best viewing experience for everyone involved.

You could even put together a mini concession stand to make things easier. Ensure that you have all the supplies needed before starting your movie night, including garbage bags to dispose of snacks and trash.

Use it for Poolside Shade

If you like to relax by the pool, you can transform a carport into an excellent place for shade. Instead of just throwing down some old chairs and umbrellas, here are three great ways that you can change your carport:

  • Install retractable roof over one half of your space so that it becomes shaded during the afternoon hours
  • Add built-in seating to your carport and cover it with a canopy
  • Install an elevated roof over the whole space

The retractable roofs are fantastic because you can open them up during the day and close them at night, which will help keep humidity out of your home and keep bugs away from your poolside fun.

The raised roofs are perfect if you want to install a pool or hot tub in your backyard because they will give you plenty of extra space.

Just be sure that the carport can handle the weight of whatever option you choose. You don’t want any accidents happening because of faulty construction.

There are plenty of ways to transform your carport into something new. Whether it is a home gym, outdoor theater, or space for poolside lounging, this old structure has plenty of potential.