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What The Best Right Angle Drill Should Have

What The Best Right Angle Drill Should Have

If you’re a professional contractor or a home improvement expert, it’s essential to have a right angle drill in your toolbox to help you do some construction projects. This is most especially because unlike other conventional types of drills, a right angle drill allows you to work on small projects, tight spaces, and many more. 

While this tool can carry out specific projects, it also needs to be bought and utilized with extreme caution. Due to its specialized functions, not all right-angle drills have the same characteristics because of differences in the brand, design, and other factors. 

If you’re looking for the best right angle drill, here is a list of the qualities that you should consider from the get-go: 

What Is a Right Angle Drill?

While most people in the construction and home improvement industry use the traditional drill, the right angle drill is a specialized type that can be used for specific projects. Primarily, a right angle drill is well-known for being a combination of a screwdriver and a small hand drill. 

Given its small size and lightweight design, a right angle drill can do its job even in confined spaces. Compared to a regular drill, a right angle drill comes with a short head and a long handle. Since the head is short, it can turn at a 90 degrees angle, allowing the user to work on tight spaces without twisting their arms. 

If you’re looking for the best right angle drill that works best for your needs, reading a reliable buying guide can help you in the decision-making process. 

The Best Qualities a Right Angle Drill Should Have

Now that you know what a right angle drill is, it’s time to get familiar with the most important features that they should have. Since it’s a tool that you’ll undoubtedly find in most toolboxes, it comes with the best features that you can take advantage of in every project. 

Below are the things that the best right angle drill should have: 

Comfort During Use

One of the things you can expect from the best right angle drill is comfort. With its grip and trigger function that allows twisting, you can use the drill in many ways. Also, its side handle provides you with more control when navigating it. And since the best right angle drill is intended to drill tight and difficult spaces, it’s very comfortable to use by applying pressure without having to bend your palm. 

 What The Best Right Angle Drill Should Have

Great Speed

Typically, drilling projects involved in your home renovation plans can take a lot of time and patience. But with a good right angle drill in the market, speed is something that you shouldn’t worry about. Generally, the best right angle drill has several speed control options that allow you to complete the job in the fastest time possible. 

When you’re working on a busy schedule and with different materials, using this type of drill can be a perfect option. To be able to use the drill on a wide variety of materials, you probably need the best right angle drill with at least 1,300 revolutions per minute.   

Several Attachments And Extensions

Aside from comfort and speed, the best right angle drill should have a handful of attachments and extensions. The use of these extensions will allow you to use this tool to work on small, tight, and impossible spaces. 

For example, if you’re drilling tight corners in your attic, the extensions of the best right angle drill can go up to 30 inches long. Because of this feature, using this tool can help you minimize the time you need to finish a complicated job. 

Firm Rotating Force

Unlike standard drills, an excellent right angle drill comes with 3-speed motors, which provides the best rotating force to get things done efficiently and correctly. With this firm control on torque, you can expect this device to perform better. 

In addition, the best right angle drill comes with a multi-speed setting that can preserve the life expectancy of the speed motors. This means that when you’re drilling a harsh surface, you can protect your tool against motor overheating and by increasing the speed of the torque. 

Top-Notch Versatility

While not all right-angle drills are made equal, the best ones are versatile enough that they can be utilized as standard drills as well. You can do so by removing the drive head and using the chunk as the ordinary drill. As such, you don’t have to use two drills at one time for completing a job.  

Final Thoughts

With many drills available in the market, finding the right angle drill can be very challenging. But, by keeping these features in mind, you can choose the best tool that suits your needs. And as a result, you can use the drill safely and to your advantage.