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What to Consider When Designing a Bathroom for Relaxation

Designing a bathroom is both a creative and enjoyable process. However, having an end goal for how you want it to look in mind from the get-go definitely helps settle some of the trickier decisions.

This goal could, and perhaps should be to make the room as relaxing as possible. Waking yourself up with a hot shower before heading out into the crisp morning, or soaking in the bath after a long day at work are such important parts of a daily routine that they should be done in relaxing luxury. Here are some important points to consider when designing a relaxing bathroom.


Firstly, size should be considered. Of course, this cannot always be altered too greatly, but for those building a house from scratch, considering an extension, or contemplating knocking through into an unused bedroom, it is a thought that should not be rushed.

The size of a bathroom is vital to its relaxation capabilities. A bigger bathroom, naturally, allows for a bigger bathtub or shower, more chairs and bigger windows; too big a bathroom, however, swamps the user and makes them feel lost and isolated rather than at ease. 

Get the size of your bathroom spot on using the help of a building consultant if necessary.

 What to Consider When Designing a Bathroom for Relaxation


In order to be constructed sustainably, environmentally friendly processes should be used, and you as the homeowner can help by choosing a builder who employs such practices. Usable but unwanted materials from your bathroom renovation should be donated to other causes, for example, in order to reduce waste.

Sustainability may not be the first word that comes to mind when you begin to plan your relaxing bathroom, but taking it into account will put your mind at ease and help you be proud of the finished product. 


Lying in your bath with the peace of mind required to stay relaxed and content is made much easier by having your new, beautiful bathroom protected under warranty. With Jax Builders, support continues not only once construction is complete and for the duration of your warranty, but also after it has ended. 

Choosing the right contractor and support provider for your build will definitely help you relax in the months and years to come. 

 What to Consider When Designing a Bathroom for Relaxation


The building of your dream bathroom is just the beginning, as decorating it is just as important. 

Neutral colors are often popular around the rest of the home but having a white bathroom simply doesn’t cut it today. Soft greys, taupe, light blue, light green, and dark charcoal make perfect statement bathroom colors without being offensive on the eye and hindering relaxation.

It is likely that you will have your eyes closed while listening to gentle music in the bath, but it still helps the aesthetics if you have a colored feature wall. This feature wall should be a different—but not too contrasting—tone to the other walls in the room and helps make the other features stand out, therefore preventing the space from looking monotonous and boring.

Bathrooms should be relaxing and mellow, but that doesn’t mean they should make you fall asleep while you’re brushing your teeth.