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What You Need to Consider When Planning a Bathroom Renovation

What You Need to Consider when Planning a Bathroom Renovation

Decided to give your bathroom a little upgrade? While we expect that you’ve thought about the obvious things that come with a bathroom renovation, such as what tiles to use and whether you want a bath, shower or both – there are a few things that often get missed or forgotten about.

Our handy guide is here to help you plan your perfect bathroom.

1. Think about your needs

Firstly, take a moment to think about what you want from your bathroom. If this is a renovation for you to enjoy or is it for a home which you’re planning on selling and you want to make a profit? 

If you don’t have children and hate taking baths, you may benefit from simply having a walk-in shower rather than a shower over the bath. If you have room for both a separate bath and walk-in shower, this could be beneficial as having no bath at all can affect the marketing of your property and ultimately, your house price. 

2. Measure the space 

Now that you’ve decided what you want to achieve from your bathroom, it’s time to measure the space to make sure your vision can become a reality. You will want to measure the overall room along with the sizes of the bathroom fixtures such as the bath, toilet and sink. 

Take your time doing the measurements to ensure they’re as accurate as possible. If you aren’t confident in measuring the space. Ask someone to help you, or do it for you. If any of the measurements are incorrect it can be disastrous and throw all of the fixtures out of place. You can also hire an experienced bathroom remodeling team. If you are living in Toledo, Ohio, you may want to look for bathroom remodeling experts in Toledo. They are skilled professionals who can do premium work in your bathroom.

 What You Need to Consider when Planning a Bathroom Renovation

3. Get inspired

Before you start ordering tiles and fittings, you need to get inspired about how you want your bathroom refurbishment designed. Social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest can help inspire you. 

From what colour tiles to have the wall and floor, to whether you want a freestanding bathtub with claw feet – whatever look you want to achieve from your bathroom, you want to have a clear direction with how you want it designed.

4. Ventilation is essential

We know that bathroom fans may not always be the most pleasing of sites on the eye, especially when they stick out against white marble tiles. But don’t be tempted to get rid of the fan. Sometimes a window isn’t enough and without proper ventilation, you run the risk of developing mould and damp in the area.

5. Don’t forget to hire a backup toilet

When you have your bathroom renovated, it’s likely to be out of action for a while. This means you’re going to need a place to go to the toilet, especially if the bathroom has the only toilet in the house. Fortis Hire can help provide toilets across the country, so you can have peace of mind that you have access to the facilities you need, when you need them.