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Top Tips for Maintaining an Older Property

Top Tips for Maintaining an Older Property

Whether you are looking to buy a historic property, or perhaps you are already the proud owner of one, it’s essential that you keep it well maintained and looked after to avoid any lasting damage. While most homeowners focus on the interior of their property, it’s essential that you don’t neglect any original exterior features either. Thatched roofs, masonry and stonework can all result in costly repairs if you don’t invest the right amount of time and energy in their upkeep and maintenance. Once the outside of your house is in tip top condition, you can focus on the original interior features, such as tiled floors, magnificent fireplaces and original beams. Owning an older property might require a lot of work, but the results of restoration can be stunning, and you will enjoy the return on your investment.

Inspect your property

First and foremost, make sure that you give your historic property a thorough inspection to identify any areas, nooks or crannies that need some repair. Be realistic and make sure you distinguish between the works that your property requires, rather than the work that you would like to carry out. Make sure that you contact a specialist if any repairs do need to be undertaken, as modern methods and materials may be inappropriate for your older property. Any renovations that you are going to undertake need to be sympathetic to the age of your property.

Don’t postpone any maintenance work

If you do need to carry out any maintenance work, then make sure you don’t put it off. Re-fitting and redecorating any old property can result in a whole host of further issues being discovered. From damp to decay and mold, you will need to ensure that you budget time and cash for any work that needs to be done. If you are fortunate enough to live in a thatched home, thatch property insurance from LPP provides comprehensive cover in event of disaster. Remember too, that problems will multiply unless you address them – and they could even affect your health, and that of your family. Not to mention, that delaying any essential work could result in a hefty bill later on. So, if you want to enjoy your home, safe in the knowledge that you are protected against the elements, then don’t postpone any maintenance work.

Where to start

In most older properties, the guttering, stonework and roof are often the most common causes of damp or maintenance issues. Remember, once you address any exterior problems, you can rest assured that you won’t need to spend thousands of pounds on the restoration of the interior of your home in the future. If you don’t feel capable of taking on the work yourself, then call in the experts to help you assess and check these three areas – it’s advisable to do this on a regularbasis. Assessment completed, you can relax and enjoy your home, safe in the knowledge that any repairs have already been carried out.

Maintaining an older property can be a time consuming, and at times costly, process. However, once you’ve made the effort to undertake any essential works you can truly enjoy your home in all its splendor.