With the rising popularity of esports and the number of gamers earning money on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, it’s no surprise that many people are wondering whether or not they could play professionally. It isn’t easy to become a professional gamer, though, especially in such a competitive industry with so much talent from all over the world. It’s almost impossible to succeed without the right equipment, including accessories like your desk, chair, and mouse. Read on if you want to learn more about what equipment you’ll need to become a pro gamer.

What equipment do professional gamers need?

The equipment you need for professional gaming depends entirely on what games you play. PC gamers will need accessories that console players don’t. For example, every PC gamer should make sure they get one of the best gaming mice. When looking for a gaming mouse, you should be focused on finding one that will help you improve your response time and your accuracy. While style is a concern with many gaming accessories, your priority when searching for the best gaming mouse should be performance.

Which features you want in a mouse depends on your preferences and gameplay style. Weight, sensitivity, and the number of buttons should be taken into consideration. Fewer buttons mean that you’ll have fewer binding options for the games you play. For some gamers, this isn’t a big deal, but certain styles of play benefit heavily from additional programmable buttons. Many gaming mice can be used both as a wireless gaming mouse with a dongle or with a wired connection via USB or USB-C.

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Gaming chairs are another essential, no matter if you play on a console or PC. Ergonomics and features like adjustable neck and back pillows can make a huge difference in your comfort while you’re playing. Long gaming sessions without lumbar support can create real consequences for your body and your overall health. If you play video games professionally, you’re definitely going to want a good gaming chair.

 What Equipment Do I Need to Be a Pro Gamer?

How can you diversify your income streams as a pro gamer?

Esports is the most common way for gamers to go pro, and large tournaments can have massive prize pools. However, most professional gamers have other ways to make money beyond winning competitions. Given that every tournament requires a combination of elite performance and a little bit of luck, it’s a good idea to think about diversifying your income streams early if you want to make a living as a gamer.

Streaming is the most common way for professional gamers to make money outside of esports. By streaming on platforms like Twitch, you can bring in revenue via subscriptions just for playing. This can also be lower stress since there isn’t as much money on the line as there is in tournaments, and the purpose is more to entertain than impress. YouTube is another great platform for professional gamers. How-to videos tend to get a lot of views, so you could significantly expand your audience if you show them how to improve their skills.

Everything in your gaming setup, from the chair you use to your choice of gaming mouse, will have an impact on how well you play and the comfort of your experience. Professional gamers who spend a lot of time with their gaming PC or console should always take their health into account and invest in a quality gaming chair that can provide proper back, neck, and lumbar support. When using a PC, as the majority of pro gamers do, the quality of your mouse will have a noticeable effect on your play. If you want to go pro, it’s always worth it to buy equipment that will help you compete at the highest level.